Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 11, 2010

Back on the Bike -1/10/2010

My only tme to get any biking miles in is to bike on the weekend!  So that is what I did…however, where is the sun?  We have had cold, overcast days for weeks…where is the California Sunshine?

Today my hubby and I biked to one of our favorite stores..REI!  For Christmas he had gotten a headband to cover his ears when biking…he says it is the best thing ever and wanted me to get one…so that was our ride ….and I ended up with one..what a difference a little bit of material over my ears made!

I have also learned how hard it is to get your legs to want to move when it is cold!  A few miles feels like 10!  Did end up getting a little over 12 miles in which felt good.

I know, I’m lucky that I don’t have to try and bike in the snow..right?  🙂



  1. REI…loved that store when I was living up in Seattle. I would go up there almost religiously for gear on the weekend. I don’t go there as much now-a-days since the Texas outdoors doesn’t hold a candle against the Pacific Northwest.

    I’ll have to watch myself carefully to make sure I meet my obligations of working out at night. There’s no room for error if I skip a workout unlike my morning sessions which I could make up for with an afternoon or evening workout.

  2. Cold – the past couple of days have been 12 degrees in the morning. Today we are getting close to freezing.

    I will take your cold. Keep on biking.

    TNT Man

  3. I second TNT Man. Your cold is wonderful. It is quite exhilarating though when you go for a run in sub freezing weather. Really clears out the lungs and sinuses.


  4. Tell me about it. We not only have about 8 inches on the ground, it was 9 degress yesterday morning when I walked my golden. She loved it!!

  5. I knew I would get little sympathy! You guys are great! I have been away from the snow since 1978 and don’t think I could go back!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

    Good luck and here’s to some warm weather!


  6. That’s rough- my parents live in Florida and it’s been in the 20s- the other day it hailed; crazy stuff going on! Keep on biking!

  7. Baseball Mom,

    Nice ride and you even had good company, I’m jealous. It takes 30 minutes to get all the gear on for outdoor biking, the latest is shoe covers. All this to ride 16 MPH for 45 minutes.

    This winter been tough here for outdoor activity, but it’ll make for a nice green spring.

    Great work on the 2010, you keep the challenge fun!


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