Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 9, 2010

Running……. 01/08/2010

Ok….I am beginning to believe that the more I run the more I can run!  No, not the more I want to run!  Today ended the first week of my new workout routine which has me doing 3 sets of my weight exercises followed immediately by cardio!   The cardio program is 40 minutes of intervals..3 different speeds.  I increased my speeds and really didn’t feel it!  Usually I am watching the time  for the switch and waiting for it to end!  Today it just seemed easier!  However, I once again realized my real problem with running…it’s BORING! I now believe that I want to stop because it is just boring!  Unfortunately….my new workout plan goes on for 8 weeks….UGH! Oh and of course I need my 60 miles for the challenge!

Today was also a test of willpower….my daughter is having a bday party I made cupcakes, homemade caramel corn and cinnamon rolls!!!!  What was I thinking!  Tomorrow will be a whole area of snacks and treats for the girls…I will have to keep plenty of fruit, nuts and veggies around for me!  🙂



  1. Hey Baseball Mom, great job running, know what you mean about boring. Here’s the good news, the older you get the less boring it becomes. Haven’t a clue why!

    Running outside on varied terrain helps, but some days… BTW it’s 23F here, I’m still waiting for the box of California warmth to arrive.

    Nice start, you’re going to “run” right over this challenge.


  2. Have no idea how you can make those things and not eat them – my life would be over.

    No matter how hard I push myself running on the dreadmill or any other cardio machine – after 20 minutes – I am asleep – Boredom is pervasive. That is why I limit myself to 20 minutes of HIIT.

    Run Rabbit Run

    TNT Man

  3. I sympathize on the running. Running is about 80% of the reason I have a negative connotation of CT’s. This time I’m trying to mix it up and find things that are actually fun, interesting, and dynamic. I’m finding a bunch of new things to do, and they’re all challenging, and all fun. I could get through all 21 of my CT’s and possibly never do the same thing twice (though I’ll most certainly repeat the workouts I really enjoy).

    Good luck on the running and resist temptation when it is calling your name. I always feel so much better about myself in the long run when I hold out rather than give in to a craving (no matter how tasty it might be at the time).

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