Posted by: baseballmom024 | December 29, 2009

Women’s Big Book of Exercises

Thank you TNT Man for the information about The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises!  My hubby got me the book for Christmas.  I am excited to start a new workout from this book!  There are so many excercise options and plans!  I think I will begin with the Bikini Ready workout and possibly use the Spartacus workout on the off lifting days as part of my cardio routine as the book suggests!

I am always  excited to find a new plan to , this book seems to have a lot to offer!



  1. The Bikini Ready and Beach Ready – not the same. The women’s workouts are – for the most part – with dumbbells not barbells and concentrate more on body weight exercises.

    There are so many workouts – hidden – at the end of each section. You can spend the next couple of years playing around with these and never repeat the same workout. Check out the template starting on Page 27.

    BTW – the diet advice – is – TNT Light – or – an introduction to low carb eating for those who disdain the word “Atkins.” Adam Campbell, the author of both, did that intentionally with the hope that he would get individuals introduced to Low Carbing and they would then move onto TNT. See the upper right hand corner of page 25 – sneaky.

    Have a good time.

    May you and yours have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    TNT Man

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