Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 14, 2009

Why Do We Believe The Scale?

This new weight lifting plan is kicking my booty…literally.  Squats..lunges…squats..lunges…OMG!  I can hardly walk!  I have always been excited about workouts that I end up sore but when I got on the scale today, I actually had gained a pound and a half.  What the heck!  I workout and endure this pain and gain weight….not the gain I am looking for.

I know, I know…the scale is really not a great form of measurement, but why is it we always go to it?  I had been avoiding it until recently.   When looking at my legs, arms, stomach, etc…they definately are more toned…my legs are so tight now,,,,I just am so programmed to believe the scale and hate the see weight gain.  Of course as the saying goes, muscle weighs more than fat….yah yah yah…but still…my mind just isn’t programmed for that!

Ok, enough said…I guess maybe the scale will provide me with more motivation to burn the fat.




  1. I know what you mean – I have been exercising heavily and have put on a couple of pounds – drives me crazy. I know that is muscle – I know it is not fat – I want the scale to say it is not there.

    As long as the clothes still fit – then I am happy.

    A fit person can carry more weight than an unfit person – you are fit

    Be happy – you have worked hard to get here.

    TNT Man

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