Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 4, 2009

Working My Way Back!

I always seem to have a hard time getting back into my routines once something derails me.  Going to Arizona was awesome, had great family time, my sons baseball team did awesome…and got to take my daughter trick or treating in AZ!  However, my exercise routines were not what they normally are!  I had next to no time to do any workouts…got lucky one night and got a run and a ride on an exercise bike in…but that was it!

Upon returning home I had a migraine for three days but I fought through it to try and get my body back to its workouts and diet.  Finally feeling better today!  Got up and did my weight lifting which felt great!  Got a run in on the treadmill last night which felt like the best run in quite a while….I guess maybe my body needed a little break.

Reading everyone’s posts and blogs has helped to get me back on track…  I am a little behind where I would like to be, guess that means I will just have to push a little harder!!



  1. Get back on track and keep the effort going. Don’t want to get too far behind from SixGz.

    It’s pretty natural for women to be ‘shy’. In the dynamics between men & women, it’s rare that a woman approaches a man in a direct manner. Usually a woman will make herself available through proximity and/or eye contact. This is the subtle art of flirting. A guy on the other hand, just needs to just jump in there, approach a girl, and start a conversation.

  2. Getting back into a routine can be a tough haul. That is why “the next morning” my alarm is set for 5:30 no matter what. If I don’t – I might never again do it.

    You – on the other hand – always have the focus and tenacity to get it done, even while working and raising kids. You can’t wait for the empty next to happen – but when it does – it is sooo nice.

    TNT Man

  3. BBM,

    Typical, I’m a couple of days late in looking at blogs. Hope you are feeling better and back at your usual self.

    It’s easier to stay in a routine than to restart. I find this with running, stop for two weeks and I never want to start again.

    Like my dad used to tell me, “one step at a time.”

    In good health.


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