Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 23, 2009

Feeling Good!

Just getting ready to call it a night here after the second dayof the challenge!  So far so good…lol!  I really am motivated this challenge to whitle away some of the extra pounds around the mid section.  I started a new lifting plan which I really like, it is not overload and I can tell it will be effective.

I did my first kickboxing workout tonight….OMG!  It has been awhile…I use to fly right through that workout…yep, that was several years ago.  What a great workout…felt great when I finished.  I know it will get easier!

Feels good to be back to a plan and to be held accountable…

Sweet dreams..!



  1. Hey BBM,

    Great blog, it is nice to be back at the 52DC, pushing each other from the start. Look at you do those pullups! Thought I had a couple of days to chill.

    Without a doubt you’ll reach those goals, and enjoy doing so.

    Have a blast with the kickboxing, here’s to a funfilled 10 hours!


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