Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 18, 2009

Goals for Winter 52 DC

I am feeling a little guilty for not doing any workouts today…and I made chocolate chips scones that were heavenly and an awesome meatball torte with homemade crust and lattice top….oh man do I need to get back to the accountability factor and the challenge!

Speaking of challenge…here are my goals:

CE:  90

RT:  20

CT:  35

PG 1:  Gram Slam ’09 – Run:  100 miles, ride 140 miles, pullups 750, kickboxing 10 hours (thank you SixGz for making me work)

PG 2: 14 ab workouts (hopefully my abs will re-appear at some point here!!! )

I am going to try my hardest this next  challenge to eat much better than I have been…I just love to bake and really don’t eat much of it…just a taste here and there!!!

Three more days and let the fun begin!  🙂



  1. As always – your goals set a pretty high Bar. Those scones sound irresistable.

    Had a big serving of my grandson’s 2nd birthday – Cake. Store bought – not the best – but – my oh my – what a sugar rush.

    Enjoy your day
    TNT Man

  2. I do love to cheat myself. I plan on being a little more strategic in the next challenge and budget my cheats wisely.

  3. Let the Race begin!

    TNT Man

  4. Chocolate chip scones… sounds good. Cookies are my weakness….

    I like your blog layout… I’m looking forward to your reading it. I have listed it on mine.

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