Posted by: baseballmom024 | May 6, 2009


I now realize you truly can overdo it with your workouts.  I am one who feels guilty when I don’t workout everyday!  I work to push myself to always make time for at least a cardio workout.  Well, the last two days I was home from work all day with my daughter who has been sick.  I thought awesome…I will get some great workouts in….well Monday, yep I did…two CT’s which included running and biking…also an RT and of course the pushups and pullups.  Tuesday was another story…I was wiped out!!!  Literally no energy…slept in until 9 am which I never get to do…got up and just couldn’t get myself moving or motivated to do any exercising.  It was at that time I realized….you ding a ling…your body is telling you it needs a break!  As much as I hated having so much time on my hand I didn’t force it…I did housework instead…lol!  Got to see another baseball game of my sons….YIPEE!  They won in extra innings…he pitched the whole game…incredible!!!  Got home around 7 pm…after dinner sat down to watch the Biggest Loser.  I remember Shower saying one time during each commercial he did pushups…well I did that…but only 10 – 15 each commercial.  But made me feel like I at least did something for the day!

The rest did me well because woke up before alarm this morning..wide awake and got up and ran a quick 2 miles….felt awesome!!!!  Amazing what your body can do after a little rest!  🙂

Another beautiful day ahead….back to work after being off for 5 days….



  1. BBM~ You are a super mom, but don’t push your self to hard. Everyone deserves a day off, especially those who are constantly taking care of others. Congrats on the pushup during BL, I can’t believe the season is almost over. It is gonna be hard for me if they don’t start another season soon! I am so addicted…hope you have a wonderdul day!

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