Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 30, 2009

I Did It!

Yep!  Finally finished the Triple9! I knew I had about 4.5 miles to run to finish the Triple9.  My maximum running is about 3 miles…well, I mixed it up…ran steady for the first mile, slow and easy…the next 2 miles where HIIT between 8 mph and 6 and some 5 mph…was going to stop but was too close, I just couldn’t stop new.  So finished strong with steady pace and the final sprint to the finish!  Burned 841 calories and was done!  Yipee…feels sooooo good!

I have shown myself I can run more than I thought…just wish I could learn to enjoy it…just too boring for me..!!!!

That leaves me with one jump rope session and one RT and guess what…tomorrow is a new day.  I am thinking I may even give myself a day off from running…will feel great to just sit one out..although Biggest Loser is on, isn’t it?  I can’t just sit while they workout, they inspire me so much!  What really got me is watching them run the q\1/2 marathon and here I am struggling with 5 miles…crazy!  They are amazing!

I am beat…so goodnight for now!!!



  1. Yeah, I knew you would do it. Congrats on finishing that up. Jump rope during Biggest Loser and check that one off too.

  2. Baseball Mom,

    Never a doubt that you would finish ahead of schedule. No finally to it!

    Congratulations to you on a fantastic challenge and a superb Triple9.

    It’s amazing what we can learn to do! You have proved this time and time again.

    Running is only fun when you are running to get to the end of something. The last mile is the best.

    Enjoy a rest day and a treat, you’ve earned it! We’ll be back for more before you know it.


  3. Congrats on a job well done – you are one extra-ordinary person.

    TNT Man

  4. Great job! I know that feels good! Enjoy the success.


  5. Congratulations!

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