Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 21, 2009

Triple9 Keeping My Focus

This challenge is nearing an end and I had hoped by the end of today to have met two of the tree Triple9 goals…however, only accomplished one…but to me this is a big accomplishment…my pullups are at 800.  At the beginning of this challenge I thought Pittspilot was crazy!  I guess I just proved to myself if you chip away at something, a little every day, you can eventually step back, look at the whole picture and say “WOW, I did what?”  So, I had hoped to hit my biking miles, but too much going on and a little rain shower and lot’s of wind kept me off my bike…but there is always tomorrow!

Running however seems to be the hardest for me to accomplish this time around, really, really seem to have to pump myself up to get the miles rolling…just feels like they are barely trickling in.  I have never been a runner and have worked so hard to try and enjoy myself when I run…I guess that is something I will have to continue to work on….I’ve got another 30 miles to go before the end of the challenge!!  😦     I will make it…I have to say in watching the Biggest Loser this past week, those people have provided me with so much motivation…if they can run 13 miles, I can keep ticking away my miles.

Enough said, it is 9:33 pm and I have some miles to run!!!   Enjoy!!!



  1. There is no question that you will hit your mark on the Triple 9. You and Pittspilot are the example for the rest of us.

    Enjoy your Sunday – Run hard.

    TNT Man

  2. Without a doubt the running would be the hardest part for me as well. Keep it up! We’ll have to throw you guys a party or something!

  3. Nice job on the triple 9. You are right on pace to hit your marks. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Baseball Mom,

    I continue to be so impressed with your tenacity. All of us can learn from from your example, 799 pullups is a bit over the top especially considering where you started a year ago.

    Yep, a bit crazy perhaps, but we’ll still here putting one foot in front of the other.

    I’m facing the same issues with biking this week but together we’ll get this done as TNT puts it… with grace.

    Best wishes for a great week, to the finish.


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