Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 14, 2009


OMG!  I had a blast!  Participated in a local Amazing Race …like the tv show.  Good friends of ours son’s daycare do it as a fund raisor.  There were 6 of us on our team.  We had to do I believe a total of 10 tasks…driving from city to city and business to business.  Also had some bonus point options which we did too!  However, it did cost me a CE!  Darn it!  One of our tasks was we had to eat with our hands behind our back a “pie” which mine was actually a cinnamon roll with tons of whip cream on the top…I swear the cinnamon roll was glued to the bottom of the pan…half way through I felt sick…I never want to see whip cream out of a can again.  Got lucky at one stop, had to make a milk shake while some other’s had to eat garlic fries and let me tell you, when you order those garlic fries at this restaurant, you do not get anywhere near as much garlic as was on the ones for the race!  Let’s see, had to pedal a paddle boat out in the delta here…my neighbor and I did it and many did our thighs burn about 1/4 of the way through…but sure was a great workout.  Spent 2 1/2 hours running like crazy and completing tasks…oh had to shampoo hubbies hair at Supercuts!  It just was good, hard fun!  We laughed like crazy…deciphering the clues was a blast.  Can’t wait until next year…..and no we didn’t win but we sure had the time of our life…and yes…I blew a CE but I am giving myself a CT for all the running and the pedaling I did!  Something my husbands students will get a laugh over (there were two other teachers running with our team), is he had to put on a bunny suit and stand on a corner and dance for 5 minutes.  The fun just went on and on!!!!  It’s nice to be an adult and still have so much fun!!!!

Oh and one more thing, thank goodness for my running, biking, lifting and clean eating…cuz without those things I never would have been able to do what I did today!!!!  I never got tired…thighs burned pedaling the boat but never did I feel like I couldn’t go on at anytime!  Just felt great!

Tomorrow is a new day and back to my traditional workouts…lol!!!!  Enjoy!



  1. WOW – what fun. Hope you took a lot of pictures. It is good to laugh at ourselves and never lose the spark of childishness. Giving up a CE for Charity – Priceless.

  2. Sounds like an awesome time. It’s just one of those benefits that come with being in better shape. You have all this “spare” energy. I know I’ve seen a huge activity boost during the past month. It makes me feel like a better parent!

    MMMmmmm Garlic Fries and Whipped Cream! Take care and have a great week!

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