Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 8, 2009

Back to Old Routine – Can’t argue with success!

I have been struggling with what I feel is a good and effective weight lifting routine…so today I decided to go back to what I know has worked in the past, and provides me with an easy to follow program…NROL4W.  I did this about a year ago and saw great success and nice body definition so how can I argue with that???  I did the first day of stage 1 today which is fairly easy but really feels like I got a great workout!

Another sunny, gorgeous day…so pleaded with hubby to hit he road pedalling with me and of course he did.  We ended up going 15 miles.  It was a fun trip down memory lane.  We road to the next city over and past our first house we bought together and the house both of our kids were born in,  The house is on the market in foreclosure right now and asking less than we sold it for 8 years ago.  We walked around the house, peering in the windows and reminising about the rock path we put in which is still there, the planter boxes we put in, still there.  The hot tub slab we put in but the previous owners removed the hot tub…lots of great memories filled that house but definately wouldn’t want to move back there!!!  We then went on to ride through some other neighborhoods which we had looked at houses in and by the time we returned home it was 15 miles.  Couldn’t believe it.

Ended the day with a HIIT on the treadmill and of course several rounds of pullups.  Feel like today I have regained some of the energy and enthusiasm that has been missing for most of this challenge.  Looking forward to the week ahead!



  1. Hi baseballmom. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you via your blog and the Men’s Health board. Looking forward to joining the secod half of the challenge with you guys!

  2. BBM:

    NROL4W – Nice. I just started the NROL program – have been avoiding it – have to face my demons and not just do what I like to do.

    What is the old saying – you can never go home. Home is where you and your family are now. All the rest is history – a sweet one – but history never the less.

    Enjoy doing the NROL4W.
    TNT Man

  3. Nice job seeing you needed a change and going back to what worked for you before. I bought the book for my fiance but we are working on a body weight circuit together first to get her comfortable. Very good program. I will be moving over to NROL once I am done with the TNT workouts which won’t be till June or July. A little far ahead but nothing wrong with a little planning.

    A walk, or in your case a ride, down memory lane is always fun. Always nice to see where you came from to give you some perspective to where you are going.

  4. BBM~ I have NROL4W, but haven’t started it yet. I don’t want to start it if I can’t stick with it. Congrats on getting that surge of energy. We’re half way though, I can’t believe it!!!

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