Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 19, 2009

Stressful Day!

My day did not start out as I would have liked!  I was just outside of my court on my way to work when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw flashing red lights….I pulled over and yep it was me he was after.  As the officer approached my car I really didn’t know what I had done…I have never in my life…that is 26 1/2 years of driving been pulled over or received a ticket.  He told me I was going 38 in a 25….I do believe I was probably going over 25 but not 38…regardless, I didn’t argue…I knew it wouldn’t matter anyway.  So my day was ruined!!!  Everyone at work could tell I wasn’t my cheerful self.  After getting home, I just wanted to burn off the I jumped rope for 10 minutes….did 25 pullups and then ran 4.1 miles.  Do I feel better…yes!!!!  But…the fact remains…the ticket will be arriving probably costing me over $300.00….like I have told my kids over the years, if you do something have to live with the consequenses.  So..that is what I have told myself.  How many times in my years of driving have I broken the speed limit and not been stopped…I know…many!  Doesn’t make it any easier!  But I did confirm that working out definately has it’s pluses…I do feel better!

Lesson learned…drive like a grandma and I won’t ever have to face this again!!



  1. Sorry to hear about your ticket. Glad you found a productive way to deal with the stress and frustration. My very first ticket was for going 62 in a 55 on the freeway (We used to be able to drive 65). The cop had the audacity to ask me “Didn’t you see me when you blew past me.” I am glad you do feel better now. Keep up the great work!

  2. Think of it this way – he got his orders – they are trying to balance the municpal budget. You just did your share.

    And – the positive – the anger spured you on to a good workout. 😉

    TNT Man

  3. Yep! I was going to tell him that times must really be tough but kept my mouth shut! I am sure I made his day after he ruined mine!

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