Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 16, 2009

Rain Rain Rain and More Rain!!!

I know we definately need rain out here in California…that doesn’t mean I have to like it tho’ right?  I don’t know why, but when it rains I have little to no motivation to get up and do anything.  Today was no different, knew I needed to do something but really kept procrastinating…guess I was waiting for the sun to jump out and smile at me!

Finally, about 6 pm I knew if I waited much longer, no exercise would get done…no new numbers for the Triple9, no CT;s, no RT’s….and that I would not accept….so I did a quick set of pullups and headed to the treadmill..or tonight it was the dreadmill.  I have never called it that before!  I had decided I just needed to get on and do 2 miles, that’s it…so off I went.  Did HIIT for the first 1.5 miles…thought I will hit 2, then get off…jump on the weight machines for an RT and then back for 1 more mile on the tread or dreadmill.  So at 2 miles I did just that…got a couple sets of upper body exercises in and a couple sets of leg presses.  Then was ready to just steady run my last mile…as I approached mile 3, something changed..a burst of energy came over me and I just kept going..watching the calories burned increase also kept me moving….finally at 4.2 miles I jumped off having burned 667 calories.  Felt great and actually could have continued another several miles…however, did have to get my daughter from a birthday party…so as I ran upstairs to clean up…I hit the chin up bar in my son’s room for another quick round of pullups….the final pullups came as I tucked my daughter into bed about 9 pm….the last 7 pullups getting me to 25 for the day.   Exhausted myself….I know I will sleep well tonight!  Dreaming for sunshine so I can jump on my bike….but looks like the dream will continue on for several more days…………………..goodnight!!!  Oh and yes…get out there and have fun!  🙂



  1. Baseball Mom,

    No slowing you down, sounds like a great way to make the best of less than optimal weather.
    Awesome integration of the workouts, and a good way to stay interested. I know you’ll get that biking in, you always do.

    Just when I though I could rest, I read your blog and realize how how hot the competitive fire burns… for both of us. I enjoyed reading how you tucked in your daughter and followed that with 7 pullups…classic BBM.

    Now if you need help learning how to eat more, you know where to find me.

    Perhaps a bit of biking in store for me tonight.

    Good luck with your Monday, I’m looking forward to our first full week. Let’s make it a strong one.


  2. You Cali softies. If it isn’t sunny then it just isn’t. But you are one person who does not know the word “soft.” Nice going – sure you’re not a Nu Yawka?

    TNT Man

  3. Pittspilot,

    Thanks! I really do struggle with the calories, that is why I track my food on Sparkpeople, I really need to work very hard at eating more. Now as for the competition….I wouldn’t be here in the mini’s with you if I wasn’t competitive…hope you got that ride in cuz I didn’t!

  4. TNT Man,

    I don’t have to have sunshine all the time…just when I want it…lol! That’s why I live in CA and put up with too many people..right??? AS for being soft….the kids know what a softie I am…but other than for the kids….you got me pegged!

    Appreciate you continued support!

  5. BBM~ That is awesome that you motivated yourself to get up and do all that work!! Props, must have been a good sweat. Keep up the good work!

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