Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 13, 2009

Hard to get motivated! Garlic Fries win!!!

I am having a hard time keeping motivated.  I am ok with my running and my pushups/pullups for the 4W400 but eating clean just isn’t happening!  Part of it is being gone all the time!  Running from one event to the next and not wanting to get home at 9 pm and make dinner.  Tonight was the perfect example…son had a basketball game at 4 pm…ran from work to get there..over at 5:30, then had just enough time to run and get something to eat, get my daughter to dance and hubby back to work the snack shack for the varsity game.  Yep, went and had a chicken sandwhich which wasn’t bad but the ball park garlic fries….oh man as I was eating them..fries with fresh garlic on top…I knew it was wrong but just tasted too good!  So here I am now…did get home in time to run 3.1 miles and do some pushups/pullups and then ran back out to get daughter from dance…awaiting the return of the guys from the varsity game.  I know what is right to eat and I know what I have do to…and my busy life is no excuse….just have to get refocused and make it happen!

I am great at planning my weekly meals, but the late nights just make it hard and tonight I took the easy way out!  No one ever said it was easy right???

As for the garlic fries….only had a handful, but that was a handful too many….darn it!  Never could pass the garlic fries at the ball park!!!

Tomorrow is a new day!!!  And on a more positive note….our weather out here is unbelieveable..70 today…looks beautiful through weekend!  Planning a bike ride up in the Napa Valley on Sunday!!!

Until next time….



  1. Baseball Mom – FWIW, I think you are making the best of what time you have. I can recall driving kids around and stopping to eat at place I could while waiting for them. A few garlic fries, not even close to what I could consume waiting for a dance lesson.

    You’ll find the balance soon, sometime you have to dance on the dark side to appreciate the sunshine.

    Enjoy the bike ride, you 70 degrees, me 20 degree forecast high for Wednesday. Not to worry, I have a plan.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Pittspilot,

    Thanks! I think I am more upset that my willpower just hasn’t been there. Appreciate your support!

    Sorry about your weather! But knowing you, you definately have a plan!



  3. That phase of your life is all to soon history – but it was fun while it lasted – even with trying to eat catch as catch can.

    Amazing that there are so few healthy alternatives out there.

    Your Will Power is strong – relax and stop beating yourself up.

    Garlic Fries – yummmy.

    TNT Man

  4. TNT Man,

    Thanks! I am beginning to realize all to well and too quick that the kids grow much faster than I want them to. It is hard to to eat healthy on the run, especially when you are starving, salad just doesn’t sound good enough!

    Appreciate your comments!


  5. “70 degrees today” … all I can say is 4 degrees with 25 mph windchill. Come to WNY and you can shiver off those garlic fries!

  6. Seedoggie,

    Ummmmmmmmmmm….tough decision..but think I will stay in CA! I know I would shiver off the fries…if it is 45 I am cold!


  7. Chicken Salad made the night before. Yummy. I never thought I would say I miss those days. The kids do grow up fast. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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