Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 8, 2009


I have to say I have never been a fan of running, tonight I once again realize why that is…it is BORING!!!!  I don’t necessarily get tired and stop, I get bored.  How can anyone really enjoy it?  However, I will continue to run as I know it is a great form of cardio!

The last couple nights have been crazy!  Lot’s of running around for the kids so my exercising has come very late at night which leads to tired mornings!  But, that is the time I have so I will make it work!

My shoulders are a little sore from the pullups and pushups.  Didn’t do many today but did get some lifting in on my sons weight machines.  Found I can add a little weight to my bench press and rowing which was a nice surprise.

Trying to figure out how I am going to get my biking miles in for Pittspilot’s 4W400 challenge.  I am afraid some miles may have to be done on an exercise bike!  Darkness hits too early now a days!

Feels great to get back to a routine.  The 4W400 is an awesome way to get back into the swing of things!!!

Until next time!



  1. BBM,

    Great run and an appropriate title for a TM run. Had the same problem yesterday, got through by varying the speed and elevation every .5 mile.

    Take a day to let your arms rest, plenty of time to hit 900 pushups and pullups by Feb 1.

    As for the running, two thoughts; it’s much more interesting outside and it’s often easier after 3-4 miles.

    Great job of fitting all of this in an already busy day, you inspire all of us daily.


  2. I agree – any running – inside or out – fast or slow – that lasts more than 20 minutes is BORING. That is why I limit my running (cardio) to a 20 minute HIIT routine. And – even then – have to constantly switch it up to keep myself interested. Don’t know how Bike-Ken does it.

    TNT Man

  3. Are you treadmilling it, or running outside, baseballmom? I don’t like the treadmill but have been doing it lately in winter. Previously only did it year round outside (with an average 10 feet of snow a winter). As Pitts said, outside is great, especially once you get past 10 minutes (and under 2 hours). Treadmill is contant struggle for me to keep the right pace, not fall off the sides, or fall off the end.

  4. Seedoggie,

    It is treadmill. Don’t have much opportunity to get out in the daylight. I just get so bored running. I do change the incline and speeds quite a bit. And do HIIT for a good portion…


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