Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009

Well, tomorrow it is back to reality for me..which is good!  Been off since December 22nd and boy have I enjoyed it in so many ways.  Now I need to get back to my routine of work, working out and of course motherhood.  Enjoyed the holidays with family.  My kids are so much fun!  Eventhough they love to laugh at me as we race for hours on Mario Kart but that’s ok…at least I can still make them laugh!  My daughter celebrated her 12th bday on December 31st so now have a 15 year old and 12 year old who believe it or not still enjoy spending time with mom and dad.  That makes me feel great!

Now, tomorrow starts the 4w400 with Pittspilot.  50 miles biking, 50 miles running and 300 pushups/pullups over the next 4 weeks. Once again thank goodness for Pittspilot, without his great ideas I would not be where I am today!  This is going to be tough for me…the 50 miles biking especially.  The only biking time I will have is on weekends and starting this weekend, my daughters dance competitions are in full swing!  So this will truly be a challenge for me…but I need it!

My eating hasn’t been the cleanness, however I am always aware of what goes into my mouth.  The worst part is all the candies, fudge, etc. that I make over the holidays, thank goodness I had a house full over New Years who I kept putting it out for and they cleared it out!   So I am ready to get back to my weekly menu’s and workouts!

Looking forward to using these next 4 weeks to get me ready for the Winter 52DC.

Speaking of 52 DC, I love our new thread and thank you so much to all who helped make that possible!!!

Now get out there and make everyday count!



  1. It’s nice getting back into the swing of things. Your energy always leads the pack. This is going to be a great new year.

    TNT Man

  2. I’m curious…this 4W400 that you are doing, what does the acronym stand for? Do you have to do the exercises outside? And lastly, can you really doa pull-up? …something I only dream about, haha!

  3. Boom, it is 4 weeks, 400 (50 miles run, 50 miles biking and 300 pushups/pullups which total 400). As for a pullup, yep can do about 6 in a row haven’t gotten past that but couldn’t do more than one several months ago.

  4. Baseball Mom, go get em! You are leading the way again. Pullups are fun, well, they should be.

    Enjoy rhe next 4 weeks.


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