Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 17, 2008


I just can’t get over how rapidly my body changes!  It seems that every time I turn around my clothes are too big, especially in the waist.  I love shopping, but this is getting costly!  LOL!

I never realized how much my abs would be affected by doing push ups and pull ups.  I can see so much definition in my stomach just from this challenge.  Each time I do a pull up I can really feel it in my abs.  Crazy, always looked at those exercises as ways to strengthen and tone my arms.

Can actually feel and see some muscle…guess that is what keeps getting me back up on that chin up bar!

May have to buy stock in Ann Taylor, Levi and a few others if I keep this transformation going!!!

It really puts a smile on my face when I realize it definately does pay to continue a well rounded workout!




  1. I really had to laugh when I read your post this morning. I had just come back from dropping 4 bags of clothing off at Goodwill.

    I am down at our vacation home in Florida. The clothing that I left here last June – forgettaboutit. But – not huge weight loss – just the exercise and shifting Body Composition. Wonderful. Keep it up – you will have a larger charity donation from giving away your old clothing.

    TNT Man

  2. TNT Man,

    AWESOME! Doesn’t it feel great! I just got rid of a ton of clothes too and looks like more coming!

  3. Ann Taylor – my wife claims she saves me money each time she shops there. I don’t understand how her buying stuff saves me money, but alas I’m a male & don’t understand certain things.
    Way to go with the all the results you’re seeing, that’s great to see your hard work paying off.

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