Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 14, 2008

Busy night…darn it…no workout!

Time keeps flying by, can’t believe it has been 8 days since I have updated this blog.  Enjoyed my 5 days off and got some good bike riding in!

Today was a lazy day, well, not really lazy but on the exercise front that is how I see it.  Thursday nights are our “Survivor” nights with our neighbors, we trade every other week at each other’s house for dinner.  This was my by th time I get out of work and hit the grocery store for my weekly shopping, I got home in time to put dinner together and 7:15 we try to eat…so tonight I had made something the neighbor kids and my kids love…we call them “Dough Dogs”. I make homemade bread dough, then put hot dogs in the middle, dough rises around them and then you bake.  I made ww with turkey sausage inside for myself and my hubby.  They are such a hit…..take time to make but always worth it!   There are 9 of us all together, use to be 12 but some have grown up and moved on….been doing this for 6 years…really a great way to spend an evening.  Plus every other week, I don’t have to cook on Thursday…yippee!  But then again, every other Thursday I have to come up with a meal to serve many more than my usual family.  But it is worth it!

So anyway, my workout consisted of 10 pull ups and 20 pushups…feel guilty for not running but just felt beat!

Tomorrow is a new day…already planning my morning run….and RT at some point and hopefully a little bike ride in the evening between the kids activities.  Going to be another gorgeous day…in the 80’s so no excuses here!!!

Good night!



  1. Turkey sausage “dough dogs” sound great! Great way to get together and to spread the work out, at least it’s every other week off.
    I’m jealous of 80 degrees… it’s 65 degrees and I’m here walking around after a workout like its summer!

  2. Went to a reception – trays of little hot dogs wrapped in dough. Love them – peeled off the dough with my teeth – left on the napkin – ate the little hot dog. [sigh]

    You have a right to a less taxing day. You earned it.

    TNT Man

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