Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 2, 2008

Great Day with the Kids!

WOW!  Amazing what energy you come up with when you are with the kids.  Got up this morning earlier than normal thanks to the time change!  Ran 3.1 miles while kids laid around, hubby was off early to do some dance fundraising at the Raiders Game.  After I ran I ask the kids who was up for a bike ride…they kind of  groaned…neither was up for it…but they knew how badly I wanted to get some miles and dad was gone…so they both agreed to go as long as it wasn’t a marathon.  I was so proud of them, I knew right there how much they loved and appreciated me. We headed out for just a 6 mile ride…we talked, and laughed along the way.  Every once in a while my daughter would get a little far behind and we would wait for her….rode slower than normal but that was ok…riding with them was worth it!  They did it for me!

After we got home I had made a deal that I would take my son to Sports Chalet to get a new basketball and then to the video store where they each got a new video game.  Picked up a couple Subway sandwhiches and headed home to make some pumkin bread and soft pretzels with my daughter.

Ended up feeling so great I got an RT in too and lots of push ups and pull ups.  Did an RT workout with my sons GoFit resistance band, had never done that before…that was one heck of a workout …did the shoulders, back and chest workout ….tomorrow will be stomach, legs and arms….

One incredible day…spent with my kids doing what I love…HAVING FUN!



  1. Glad you had such an amazing day BBM! Family’s a great thing. Hadn’t seen mine in months, so this weekend was awesome. Enjoy your pumpkin bread – one of my favorite things to make!

  2. Enjoy these days – they are gone all too quickly. Nice that you are teaching them to enjoy a bit of exercise with “the old lady.”

    TNT Man

  3. My wife has begun the pumpkin bread brigade as well, I ‘m glad that i can resist. Like cgd63 says these times are gone way to quick and the fact that you’re setting an example for the kids is the best part.

  4. That’s waht it’s all about – doing the right things to have the power to do physical work with your kids, rather than being a “sit and watch TV mom”. That’s why you’re baseballmom rather than “couchmom”! Enjoy!

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