Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 27, 2008

Definately a MOnday – October 27, 2008

From the time I got out of bed this morning I knew it was Monday!  Anything that could go wrong did go wrong! Plus I was very tired from working the dance fund raising at the 49ers game..not sure why I was so much more tired than usual.  Maybe it was the 3 hours I had spent Saturday night making caramel apples???  Who knows!

Got to work and had Monday morning computer issues to go along with the usual crazy Monday where I am buried since I don’t work on Friday’s.  Guess the price I pay for only working 4 days a week.  On top of that my son was sick!  Of course I made it through the day!  Got home and had time for a 6.8 mile bike ride with hubby…he was off to the races..had a hard time keeping up.  As I sit here typing at 7:40, someone has to go get my daughter from dance…hoping it is hubby as I really really need to jump up and get some weight lifiting it!  Yep, he will get her!  So…I really am not looking forward to lifting..but off I go…it has to be done right? Just another part of my work for the day!



  1. Tough being everything to everybody and still trying to make time for yourself. That is when I stopped – which was wrong – keep it up – tough it out – you can do it.
    TNT Man

  2. Thanks TNT Man I am trying! I really felt like giving up…but got 25 minutes of lifting in…70 push ups mixed in there…my arms are shaking!!!

    I know it is worth it..just have to stay tough like you say!

    Appreciate your strong words of encouragement!


  3. You’re totally right about workouts making you feel better, baseballmom. Once I was able to get off my back and gut through a workout this morning (my next scheduled workout day – thank God for scheduled Sunday off-days!), I felt SO much better. Hope it made you feel better too! Have a feeling it did.

  4. Thanks CRMSN, yes it did! It is tough to get there sometimes, but definately makes you feel great and gives you a great sense of accomplishment!

    Glad you got that workout in too!


  5. Yeah, BBM, Mondays are tough! Especially when you have to make up another days’ work too! (I often take Mondays off as a vacation day and have a same problem on Tuesday. Yup, one of those today!)
    You still got a couple of workouts in, congrats!

  6. Amazing commitment! After all that, I would usually throw in the towel and crash on the couch to zone out on TV. Nice to see you fight through that to put in a bike ride and a lifting session.

  7. Thanks for the good advice – I think I’ll definitely be ramping down the intensity for this weekend, if not laying off entirely. The only reason it’ll be a ramp-down is I promised to take my little brother (who’s a football player and MUCH bigger than I am, so it’s kind of funny) through some basic lifts he hasn’t seen yet. Can’t be a bad big brother!

    Hope you had a wonderful hump day, BBM!

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