Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 22, 2008

WOW! Sore Today!

I worked out last night with my free weights and my weighted ball, I did lots of lunges and squats which I definately have been slacking off at and paid the price….I got up this morning and my legs and glutes were sore…as the day progressed it seemed to get worse.  After work was thinking of just resting, didn’t want to do much with my legs…started with my push ups…yep got 20 done easily..then to my pull ups, did 7 in a row and the 7th was tough, had to wiggle a little to get my chin over the bar, then used my exercise ball and did a variety of different sit ups totaling 100….was really thinking about running but my thighs were killing me.  I didn’t run last night and didn’t get up this morning so I knew I really needed to… on the treadmill and took it slow for the first 5 minutes..then got into my rhythum and did an easy, steady 2 miles…my legs felt better the longer I ran.  Glad I pushed through it…but yes they are still sore.  Amazing what a few weeks of no squats and lunges will do to you!  Lesson learned!

Made chocolate chip cookies for the kids and really wasn’t tempted to eat any, not sure what has come over me…maybe all the clean eating has finally sunk in!  The real challenge will be this weekend when my daughter and I make caramel apples, dipped in chocolate and rolled in different candies for her teachers and friends for Halloween….a very big weakness for me is caramel apples…always looking for them at candy stores…they are somewhat healthy right???  There is an apple under all that sugar!  🙂

Ok, off to do a few more push ups before I call it a night!



  1. I am with you on hating lunges and squats. Your progress on those push ups and pull ups – amazing. I can not do one pull up. Next challenge – that will be my focus – now – pushups.

    Bought stuff to hand out for Holloween. After years of no kids in the neighborhood, the houses have turned over and we expect a few at the door. Had to buy stuff we would NOT be tempted to eat.

    Those apples sound great.

    TNT Man

  2. I too dislike lower body work, I’d like to build up my upper body, be a real muscleman! LOL! But I do squats because I hear the best exercise to do, and they create the most HGH and at my age I want that!
    When I’m smart, I buy almond joys and zagnut and mounds because I hate coconut and don’t eat them. Alas, other people in the office buy milk duds, twix, Reese’s peanut butter cups (peanut = protein and TNT fat, right?) and I am forced to eat them LOL.

    Hope you and your coworkers have recovered from the robbery of a couple days ago. Gosh, that is scary and I almost thought it didn’t happen anymore.

  3. Thanks TNT and Seedoggie,

    TNT, you will be amazed at how the pull ups come along if you work at it..last challenge I put that challenge to myself and was amazed I got to I can get to 7 but do a little at a time.

    Seedoogie…unfortunately the robbers get to happen more and more as the economy gets worse…same guys hit another bank the next day…everyday out here there are robberies…

    I hear you on the peanut butter cups..that is a tough one to pass up…do love almond joys and mounds too tho’! Have my huge bags hidden in the pantry for now…no temptation yet!

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