Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 21, 2008

October 21, 2008

Well, I have been working hard to get my push ups and pull ups in this challenge….actually have found I enjoy lifting weights more and more, the more I do!  As the definition begins to show, that is all the motivation I need.  Still  a big struggle with the pull ups…but that’s ok…I will keep at it! Push ups…even my hubby said I was doing some great looking push ups…guess my form is acceptable…lol!

Been a stressful couple of days but the exercise helps to make me feel better. Daughter is a little worried about the bank robberies taking place…and with the one on Monday where I work…a little too close for comfort.  Now have to let her know that all they are after is the money and answer her millions of questions.  She is concerned for my safety…working hard to reassure her…but it is hard as a child to understand why people do what they do sometimes!  Just don’t want her to worry about these things!  Sometimes I think the world we live in makes kids grow up too fast and worry about things that never entered my mind at that age….how the world changes!

Have gotten a couple of bike rides in which feels great.  So glad to be back on the bike…wish it didn’t get dark so early…looking forward to riding a little this weekend.

Been working hard on making clean meals which are also heart healthy and cholesterol free as hubby has high cholesterol which I believe is hereditary…trying to control with diet and exercise but that may not be enough.  Got a couple of great cookbooks so experimenting to see what we can do!

Ok…I need to go get some push ups and pull ups in…Pittspilot is a machine…he is leaving me in the dust…that’s ok…if I make it to the end that is what counts!

Get out there and make it happen…and always remember to have fun!



  1. Wow – you just keep on moving. Couple of thoughts.

    It took my 12 yo daughter years to get past the house break in and robbery that happened while we were away. That the thieves used her blanket to carry things off just made it worse.

    Cholesterol: I know I may sound like a broken record – but – the Low Carb eating brought my #s into an Optimal range. My Doc still can’t believe that you can eat as many eggs as I do and as much animal fat and bring all your #s to were they should be. He keeps making me take blood tests – I assume he thinks I am having someone else give the blood.

    Enjoy your day.

    TNT Man

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