Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 17, 2008

Day Three – October 17, 2008

Day three already?!?!?  How time flies….I am so glad to be back in the groove of working out and being held accountable for it!

I am excited about the Fall Four Challenge  that I have the opportunity to participate in with Pittspilot and Shower7.  Couldn’t ask for anyone better to keep me working out!

My arms are a bit sore from the push ups and pull ups I have been doing.  Have found it is best to do 10 push ups at several different times throughout the day.  Thank goodness my son has a pull up bar in the doorway of his room…I make many trips a day to put things in his room and clean it up…each time I grab the bar and try very hard to get 5 pull ups in…by days end forget it!

Anyway, looking forward to getting back on my bike..haven’t biked since the last crazy challenge which was the 520n52.  Miss riding, but have enjoyed the break.  Hubby just got clearance from the dr. from a back injury to get back on his bike so hopefully we are off and riding!

Working hard this challenge to get my muscle tone to the point I really like and then just maintaining!!!

Enjoy the challenge everyone it is a great opportunity to meet wonderful people, learn new ways to achieve your goals and just plain have fun!!!!



  1. Given the markets – I am surprised that you are still able to post. You are one focuse lady. I doing the pushup thing with Skycabin – what I have learned – the more you do – the more you are capable of doing. I am up to 35 at one time – way past the 10 I started with. Good LucK – wait you don;t need luck – you have will power.
    TNT Man

  2. TNT Man….oh the markets…I am beginning to become numb to them..wish my clients would follow suit! 🙂

    Awesome job on your push ups…hopefully some day I will get there! Believe me, I need all the luck I can get…will power does help too!

    Thanks for always stopping by and leaving such thoughtful comments!


  3. hey fellow Jeep fan, Just wanted to say Hi!!!! I’ve been extremely busy, no CT or RT yesterday or today, but at least CE are good.

    By the way, i’ve got a 2002 Wrangler. I love it. I’ve always wanted one, finally broke down and bought one almost a year ago. Stock right now, but boy i drool over everything in the quadratec magazine. I also have a 2001 Cherokee that I couldn’t part with when i bought the wrangler. So i guess i’m just a jeep nut. I enjoy some mud, every now and then!!! Happy Jeepin!!!

  4. Thanks Vajeepin! I am with you, there are so many things to spice up the jeep. Mine is 2004 got last July with only 3,400 miles…like new..soft top never on…have both hard and soft…totally love it!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


  5. BaseballMom – You always figure out how to get the job done. Great work on the challenge. I’m with you on the all day pullups and pushups. I’ve learned when I have a chance just jump in and do 25, before you know it they’re done! Pullups not so easy, get 5, then 4, 4…and then come back to it later.

    I hope your family appreciates how hard you are working cause this is tough.. but worth it!

    Keep fighting the good fight, you are going to so proud of yourself in 7 weeks!

  6. Pittspilot,

    You are a true motivator! You know if it wasn’t for you I would be laying around instead of laying on the floor trying to do just one more push up! All I can say is “Thank you”! This is tough but I know worth it! Appreciate you always willing to think up a challenge for me! You are awesome!

    Thanks for the motivation and stopping by here!

    Enjoy the challenge!


  7. If anybody can accomplish a crazy, hard, but fun xtra challenge I know that you can. I said once before that you are a super Mom, and I still stand on that comment. With being a Mom, employee, and wife, you still have the ability to accomplish great thing.

  8. Thanks Laze! You are so sweet…I do wear many hats and love each and every one of them…hard work pays off…you know that! Appreciate you stopping by! Enjoy the challenge!


  9. Thanks BBM! I’m quite proud of my broccoli intake too, even though I get enough ribbing about my exceptional love for green stuff of all kinds that it’s kind of my “trademark” around here =)

    Certainly could be known for a fondness for worse things, right?

    Good job on the pullups and pushups – bodyweight pullups are probably the toughest thing I do on a regular basis. Banging out 5 at a time throughout the day is a pretty awesome clip!

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