Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 18, 2008

What a Week! – September 18, 208

I can’t believe it has been a week since I last updated my blog here.  This past week was one incredible ride!  This has to be have been the toughest week for me in the last 13 years of working in the financial services industry.  My phone never stopped ringing, appt. schedules were full…I worked many long hours beyond my normal day…I am completely exhausted!  The whole credit, financial crisis really irritates me.  Realtors, and mortgage brokers who got these people into homes they had no business being in, banks who lended to the individuals with no proof of the ability to repay…this has touched everyones lives…those of us who continue make our house payments, or who have paid off their houses and been responsible adults…are all paying the price for this mess!  Frustrating!

Thank goodness for my bike, treadmill and weights to help me burn off the stress this week has hit me with!  Can’t believe I am just 65 miles away from completing my 520n52 day challenge.  This has been one incredible challenge…never would I have dreamed I could do it!  Biking has become part of my everyday life, my husband and I try to ride almost every night! 10 miles is nothing anymore, my legs feel so much stronger…amazing how much stronger you get just from consistency!!!

Still struggling with my chin ups, not giving up…if I don’t make it this challenge I will be back at it next!!!  Get out there and make a strong finish!



  1. Yes this has been a week from hell – but it started a long time ago. The securiterized mortgages are just the tip of the ice berg. Real Estate and the value of most individual’s largest asset has been severely jeopardized. While others may not be able to retire for another 5-10 years and many retires will have to go back to work. Greed is the reason.

    We exercise and attempt to focus on ourselves as a method of keeping out minds clear of this garbage. But – on the screen is the latest insanity.

    Whoa – makes you want to eat.

    Yes – I am an attorney who focuses on both Estate and financial planning as well as real estate. We all need a rest – but will not get it anytime soon.

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