Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 1, 2008

In N Out Burger – Sept. 1, 2008

Well, I knew I would blow a cheat at some point this Labor Day weekend!  We took a great drive yesterday to an Indian Casino out here for lunch…figured I would blow a CE there…but ended up getting french dip and a salad with fat free italian.  I took the meat off the sandwich and therefore didn’t eat the roll and kept it clean.  I was proud of myself for keeping it clean.  My husband and I did a little gambling and the kids played in the arcade.  Everyone had fun! Had my son, daughter and the neighbor who is my son’s best friend, consider him a son too!  Good kids!  Rode with the top off the jeep and it was just a great drive and time away.

My husband has been trying to get  In N Out burger for over a week, so today I gave in.  Our daughter leaves tomorrow for 6th grade science camp until Friday and she was up for In N Out too…so guess what…yep, I had a cheese burger and fries.  Was good, not sure it was worth it..but I did enjoy it!  Then, had a great clean dinner but since I had cheated already, I had been craving ice cream for days…my favorite Mint Chocolate Chip…so I made my grandmother’s home made hot fudge recipe which is to die for and had a banana split!  Now, that I got that cheat out of the way…tomorrow is a whole new day!

I have to say, I did get a great RT session in today and also 13.3 miles in on the bike so hopefully some of that work offset my sundae or fries!

The challenge is half over right now and I am very happy as to where I stand with my goals.  Here we go!!!!



  1. BaseBallMom – Not only can you out ride me but you make to die for hot fudge, yikes that sounds good.

    Had fries the other day and I’m sad to say I lost my taste for them.

    Sounds like you and the extended family are having great fun out there. Enjoy and keep pedaling.

    You’re well past the mid point, downhill from here right? Great job on the challenge, hosting and of course our fav, the 520n52!

    On to Stage 3, which ends September 14. See ya!

  2. In and Out Burger – went there and ate clean off their secret menu – burger wrapped in lettuce ——- Yeech ——- Sloppy but still a Clean Eat.

    My skinny son-in-law – never heard of their secret menu – my daughter – who continues to fight the battle of the bulge – knew all about it.

    Stayed Clean in Calif – HOT – HOT – HOT


  3. CGD or TNT Man,

    Yep, have had the “clean” burger at In N Out before, it is messy but clean. Just didn’t feel up to that this time…probably should have..but too late now. HOpe you enjoyed your visit to California!

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