Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 29, 2008

August 29, 2009

Where as the time gone!  Can’t believe I haven’t updated this in 10 days!  Been really busy!  Still plugging along in my 520n52 challenge with Pittspilot.  I think all my free time goes to running, pedaling or swimming!  Haven’t gotten as many miles in lately as I would have liked!  Been very hot out here in CA and just life has kept me from the opportunity of getting the miles.

I have completed a little over a week of the HGM workout plan from Men’s Health, really enjoy the program…leaves my legs a little weak, but that is refreshing…I know it is working!  I am very happy with the definition my legs have taken in…I know this is attributed to all the biking, running and the lifting!  Makes me realize that every mile is definately worth it!  Wish I was this motivated on my own.  I know without these challenges and the suppor of everyone here…I couldn’t do it!  Why is that?  Why can’t self motivation kick in???

I have found that in all my biking…2 miles, 6 miles…they seemed like they took forever and there was no way I was going to do more than 7 miles in a day.  Now, what…we can’t do more than 12 miles…come on! My husband made me take yesterday off from biking..he said our legs have to have a rest…so I just got 2.5 miles in on the treadmill.  He continues to call me the “Sadistic Biking %$##%” which is just too funny!  He use to be the one begging me to go on bike rides…taking me on more miles than I wanted to go…well…what goes around comes around…just remember that!

Enjoy the holiday weekend…I definately have to get pedaling!  Have some ground to make up!



  1. BBM:

    Writing from Sunny & Hot San Mateo CA. Family is great – taught the 8 mos old to high 5.

    Your husband is correct – time off is as important as time on.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend.

    TNT Man f/k/a CGD

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