Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 14, 2008

August 14, 2008 Don’t Always Accomplish What We Want!

This morning I didn’t get up and run, have been very tired this week…work has been extremely busy and the kids activities are in full swing!  Daughter has dance everynight, and son has high school baseball workouts everyday with some tournament team practices thrown in there too….so needless to say never a dull moment.

I did get a much needed RT in this evening and had wanted to get some miles on my bike but that didn’t happen.  Hubby is gone until Sunday in what I believe is the 24th annual Boys weekend trip to Tahoe.  I really love that they still do that…it is my husband and my brother and several friends…some from out of state…most are my brothers high school bodies from many years back.  He and my husband are very close, my brother went through his teenage years with my husband in his life.  So that leaves me as a single parent.  Boy is that tough…any single parents out there, you are really something!  I spent most of my night from 3:30 until 8:45 running kids from one place to the next…did get a 2 mile run in and 3/4 mile swim in..but that was it…not too impressive!  However, the kids were happy, got to do all that they wanted to, and that is truly what counts.  My life belongs to my kids…wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now, with that said…I am off to bed with the hopes of getting more miles tomorrow!



  1. I So understand. Being a Mom is tough, your the one who does all the running. And when Your help is not there it becomes even more of a challenge. But you do seem to find time no matter what. I admire your drive and desire to get it done no matter how crazy life is.

  2. Thanks Laze! Appreciate your comments. It is all good! I am lucky, hubby is a teacher and he spends lots of time running the kids as I am still at work…without him it would be tough. Life is for the kids and they are so worth it!

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