Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 9, 2008

My Own Little Triathlon – August 9, 2008

This has been one incredible day!!!  Got up at 4:30 am to go to my son’s baseball tournament…hubby rode his bike there 44 miles…wish I had those miles for my little challenge with Pittspilot!!!  Don’t think they are transferable or are they????  Anyway, son had a great day…went 4 for 5 with 2 doubles and 6 RBI’s.  The team won both games…so tomorrow we go back and hopefully make it to the championship game…he will be pitching tomorrow.

Anyway, so got home from that around  4 pm….didn’t let hubby off the hook…told him he still had to bike with me…so off we went…well, he got a flat tire half way out on our ride…so we ended up having to walk the bikes back home almost 5 miles…but got 8.6 miles of biking in.  Jumped on the treadmill and ran 4.4 miles and then was dripping with sweat so jumped in the pool with my daughter and swam 1/4 mile with her.  So all in all, not a bad day…am now dead tired and what can I say…did my own little triathlon!!!

Off to bed…so I can do it all over again tomorrow…well…not quite all over again….



  1. Impressive on how you’ve gotten yourself sostrong in running. You use the treadmill alot…. music , Tv or your own thoughts?

  2. BBM: I get tired just reading what you’ve done. Your hubby biked 44 miles and you had him do More?? One tough task master. 😉

    Keep it up.


  3. CGD…absolutely! No rest for the weary! He loves to bike…I keep him going!

  4. BaseBallMom,

    You continue to amaze me with your ability to improvise, make hard work fun and push me to the edge.

    Congratulations to you for the impromptu tri, your husband for a huge effort ++ and to your son for a great day playing ball. And of course your daughter deserves kudos for doing the swim with you. Great family, now are they avoiding you for a while so as not to have to exert so much energy?

    No, the miles are not transferable but my daughter did offer to tow me 50 miles or so, regretfully had to decline.

    You are definitely the engine pulling this train, both at home and in the 52DC.

    Thanks, and please continue to tell me we are having fun.


  5. Pittspilot,

    Me push you to the edge…hum..think you have that backwards. I have found myself so many times, thinking if it weren’t for this challenge, I wouldn’t be running, biking, etc. So I think it is you!

    My family is beginning to think I am crazy! My son doesn’t understand why I workout so much..he keeps telling me I don’t need to lose weight…so lucky to have him around…definately a keeper!

    What a great offer on the 50 miles…tough to pass up hugh???

    Fun…absolutely…thanks for the opportunity!


  6. Laze,

    I do use the treadmill a lot because that fits into my schedule, I plug my IPOD into it and sometimes have the tv on too. I have amazed myself at how strong my running is becoming. Stick with it!!!

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