Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 4, 2008

It’s Almost Here The Fall 52DC – August 4, 2008

Well, the new challenge starts in 2 days, I am really excited as I need to get back to being accountable. I have not gone off the deep end during this little break, just haven’t been as motivated or as dedicated to my routines and clean eating.  Have enjoyed some of  my favorites…. Jr. Mints….

I did finish the NROL4W program and am very pleased with the results! Others have definately noticed and made comments so that really let’s me know it worked!

No worries tho’…I am in for some tough workouts in order to keep up with my fellow challenger…Pittspilot!

Still trying to figure out exactly where that weak moment came in when I agreed to the 520n52 with him….I must have been crazy! Been trying to figure out how I will get 520 miles in during this next challenge. Not sure there are enough hours in the day or days in the week for me to do it….but if you don’t try you don’t know…so here I am!

I will be celebrating my 19 wedding anniversary on August 5 so what better way to kick off the challenge the next day. No more excuses…let the fun begin.

I am excited to welcome the newcomers to this challenge and get back to seeing my old friends from previous challenges…with everyone here, how can it not be a win win situation!

Jump in and enjoy the ride!!!!! Good luck to everyone!



  1. Congrats, BaseballMom, on the anniversary and for being so motivated again! Isn’t it strange how the things we kept away from during the challenge called to us over the break – Junior Mints to you, whipped cream to me! It’s like being naughty because you can’t get caught now, but you know you’ll have to deny yourself soon!
    I don’t have a bike so I’ll have to say to you, may you continue to have a run of good results!

  2. Thanks Seedoggie! You are so right, does feel like we are doing something naughty…how good they taste! You can have whipped cream..fat free and sugar free, right?

    Good luck to you! Look forward to seeing your success once again!

  3. Happy anniversary – 19 years – you are way ahead of the curve and deserve it. We will be celebrating our 41st right in the middle of this Challenge. Wife signed us up for dance lessons instead of Dinner out [sigh].
    Yup – not being required to report everyday – I start to slip – a little – but slip anyway. To the starting Gate!!!

  4. Thanks CGD! Always appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a comment.

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes, can’t believe how fast the past 19 years have gone. Look at you 41 years, that is awesome! Parents just celebrated 49…I remember their 25th and was just thinking how close mine is!

    Hey, dance classes, what a way to celebrate..right? You can have dinner out any night..but dance classes to celebrate 41 great years…you go!!!!

    Look forward to another great challenge with you!


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