Posted by: baseballmom024 | July 9, 2008

The Road To Success – July 9, 2008

Well, this challenge has left me with the feeling that I have accomplished so much more than I ever set out to do!  I have exceeded my CT goal, and both my personal goals beyond my furthest dreams!  I completed the 200 mile challenge which never, ever would have happened without the push from Pittspilot!  I am on the final stage of NROL and boy is it kicking my behind!  But gotta say….I love the results!!!  🙂

I feel like I have come so far and don’t want to lose the momentum that I have gained from all the people here!  How can you not feel successful when you take part in a challenge…stick with it…see the positive results…and meet or exceed your goals?  The power of a team!

I have felt a little sluggish these last few days but a lot of that is do to the heat here in California!  It is hard  to get out in the heat!

Get out there, have fun and enjoy the ride!



  1. You are really doing great and have been a greater motivator for the rest of us. Looking into that NROL book – seems so many people are following it with good results. Watch out for the heat – there are times that nature overrides our desire to do.

  2. Very Nice Site! Thanx!

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