Posted by: baseballmom024 | July 6, 2008

July 6 – Back To Reality!!!!

Here I am back home in California and not looking forward to the return to “real life”.  Had the best time away!  Spent the last 8 days in Oregon in an area called Sunriver.  Some incredible mountain views, awesome bike trails and lots of fun!  Biked several days, spent one day at Crater Lake..had a little family snow ball fight..yep still snow on the ground.  Spend part of a day on a paddle boat out on a lake…that was a workout and kids did not like it!  Too close to the water for them!  Saw lots of wild life and just enjoyed the slower pace life away from home.  My son really made the trip a joy..he was out of his 14 year old teenager shell and laughed and joked liked crazy!  My daughter was her usual life of the party and they got along incredibly well!

We bought a Wii and hooked it up in the trailer and had family Wii nights most nights until midnight…my arm is still sore from earning my “pro” status in tennis and bowling!  🙂

Did indulge in some cheats…a night at a Mexican Restaurant blows it everytime…love mexican food!  Also a couple of camp fires which lead to what else…s’mores.  But no worries….that is what vacation is for!  All in all…it was one of the best  vacations!

I did log about 80 miles on the bike, a few miles in hiking and a few miles of running while I was gone.  The bike trails were just awesome…could have biked all day…not the kids tho’!  Did get them out there a couple of times!

I am ready to begin this week with Stage 7 of NROL4W…am excited to almost complete that program…have loved it!  Actually missed lifting this past week!

Only a couple weeks of the challenge left….hang in there and stick to your will be happy you did!



  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great family time. All the work you have been doing allowed you to enjoy this time without feeling guilty. After all – isn’t that why we are dieting and exercising?

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