Posted by: baseballmom024 | June 17, 2008

June 17, 2008 Never Had So Much Motivation

I think motivation and workouts are contagious!  I can’t believe how excited I get about working out..I have never been this way before.  I have been committed to getting up early and running each morning at least 2 miles.  I cannot believe how great it feels to start the day off by running!  This is my time in the morning to do something for myself.  The one time of day that I know for sure I have control over….once the day starts and all the running around, work, kids, meals, etc….I never really know if I will have time for the evening workout.

I have been running in the morning and biking in the evening!  Feels great…I am loving life!  Every other day I get an RT in, almost done with Stage 6 of New Rules of Lifting for Women…looking forward to Stage 7 thanks to Healthychics comments.  I have so much more energy, I have never been one to sit and do nothing…but finding so much time to workout has never been this easy!  I guess where there is a will there is a way!

The scale has been so good to me!  I think part of my continued motivation is the scale and the form my body is taking on!  I continue to receive comments about how great I look…had a question as to how do I make my arms look so good?  Get out the weights…hit the floor for pushups…jump up to the chin up bar!

The support from everyone in the 52DC is incredible!  I can’t say “Thank you” enough!  Now get out there and burn some fat!!!!



  1. Wow! Your positive energy in absolutely catching. Keep up the great work.

  2. Wow, baseballmom, sounds like you are committed, nothing can stop you now! Way to go! I’ve found that, yeah, the morning is best – even first thing – because the time is so hard to find later (as well as the energy)!
    You’ve got me looking at my NROL book again – maybe I’ll try it (line by line)!
    And the accountability has really helped me too – gotta report on what I’m doing, not take the easy way out, did a late RT last night because I had to report out in the morning…

    but I can’t keep up with you! Next time you’ll have to give us a head start!

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