Posted by: baseballmom024 | May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008

Well, I got up this morning and ran 2.2 miles on the treadmill.  So glad I did that, I was planning a bike ride in the evening but that never happened.  Long day…competition dance pictures for my daughter and getting my son set for his 8th grade dance…what a chore…I can only imagine what it will be like when it is my daughter!  LOL!  Had to get the tie to match the girls dress and yes, my son hates to shop.  Anyway, not sure if anyone knows who Jeremy Newbury is, pro football player who is now a Charger, but has been a 49er and Raider in the past.  Well, his niece goes to school with my son…they all met at his house for pictures…there were about 15 girls and guys…and parents taking pictures…it was great!  So by the time I returned home…too tired!

I did overcome one obstacle today…had Salmon, I am not a fish eater…have been trying to pysch myself up for Salmon for weeks, well bought it already on skewers from Costco..had it tonight…it was alright…not something I would eat alot..but every once in a while I will eat it..knowing how good it is for you!

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day, more dance pictures…and a nice bike ride…here I come!

Enjoy and most of all…Have fun!



  1. Hi BBM!

    I see the 52DC is keeping you busy and not leaving time to blog. Just dropping in to say hi. I am going to find you a good salmon recipe and send it to you. I LOVE salmon when it is cooked right – almost, almost as good as eating a steak. I’ll dig up some of my favorites-are you able to get fresh salmon? I can not get good fresh salmon in NC, but used to in NH – I miss it. I buy the frozen fillets now.

    How cool to have a pro football player in the neighborhood! My hubby is jealous. 🙂

  2. Thanks Bibbitt, I would love to get one of your recipes…yes, I can get fresh out here in CA!

    I have been slacking on blogging, just trying to get through the last week of school and I will be back!

    It was truly a wonderful experience to be at that football players house!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

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