Posted by: baseballmom024 | April 19, 2008

Accomplished – 5K – April 18, 2008

This challenge seems to be flying by and I haven’t kept up with my blog here very well.  Anyway, I have surpassed my cardio goal, running goal and definately will make my rt goal.

Today I accomplished something I never thought I could do!  I ran a 5K race on the treadmill in 29:54…it was tough, had thought about stopping many times, but really wanted to do it!  So I did it and I feel great!  For someone who has always HATED running, this is definately an accomplishment.  Now, I will have to work on shaving some time off of that each time I do it!

If it wasn’t for this challenge, I never would have taken up running like I have.  Thanks to everyone who has challenged me, motivated me and supported me throughout the challenges!  You are all awesome!

I continue to follow the NROL4W program and am on Stage 4.  I have really enjoyed this program, some days it kicks my —-, but I always stick with it.  I know the saying, “No pain, no gain” and I hear that in my head all the time!

The gain always seems to be much more than the pain!  The gain is something I will live with forever…the pain…well, gone in a matter of minutes!

Stick with it guys, YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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