Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 29, 2008

The End Is Here!!! February 29th, 2008

Well, this has been a great challenge for me! Hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day…at times it seemed like it would never end and now looking back, it flew by.

I think I really learned something this time, the first challenge I didn’t have any set patterns to my exercise routines. This time, I did and boy did it work. Being sick for two weeks and still making my RT and CT goals makes me feel really good. But…the best thing is the weight loss, I lost 9 lbs. during this challenge, yes I did lose some when I was sick and gained some back which I knew would happen. I have not weighed 126 lbs. in probably 13 years or more. Along with the awesome feelings of accomplishment comes my frustration of none of my clothes fitting…had to head to the store yesterday and pick up a couple new outfits for work so I had some pants that wouldn’t fall off.

I now know the work that it takes to keep my weight where it is and I am confident that I can do it if I want to. I will continue along with the NROL4W program which is kicking my —- right now….I can’t remember being this sore! But I will not quit! I also will keep with my running on the treadmill at least every other day, and bike riding when I get the chance.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people on the forum who have given so much positive feedback, motivation and encouragement to me!



  1. Yay, we did it! Great job on a successful challenge! I love reading your blog. It always motivates and inspires me. Thanks Baseball Mom!!

    How are you liking NROL4W? It is my next program and I start in a week. Any tips? I did the Abs diet routine during the challenge and am thinking I’ll take the rest week and try NROL4W.

  2. Hey Bibbitt,

    Thanks for the kind words. I am glad I can motivate someone. I really like the NROL4W, the first stage is pretty easy….but I stayed with it anyway. The second stage is pretty tough, great workout and my body feels it! Finally not sore today!

    Let me know what you think! Would love to hear your comments. Any questions, I will try to help. Haven’t read the whole book, just skimmed and doing the workouts.

    I don’t go to a gym so I have to adapt my workout and sometimes pick a different exercise that works the same muscles that I can do at home.

    Good luck and keep me up to date!

    Also, Congrats. on a great challenge!

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