Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 5, 2008

February 5, 2008

This has not started out to be a very good week.  Both my husband and son have been sick since Saturday.  Terrible virus going around, hubby can’t eat because his throat hurts so bad!  Son seems to finally be coming alive and wanting to eat everything in sight after not eating for several days.  Hopefully my daughter and I will escape this nasty virus, so far so good!

Last night I ran 3 miles on the treadmill which felt pretty good, did the HIIT again which seems to work great for me, creates less boredom and makes the run a little more interesting.  Tonight I finished my second day of week 5, first level of NROL4W program…really like this program.  Great variety and can tell already that it is increasing my strength as I have increased the size weights that I am lifting.

Had a big temptation today, but passed it up!  It was a lady at works birthday, she cut the cake and was hand delivering to everyone’s desks.  I didn’t want to be rude and not take it so took it and set it on the side of my desk…chocolate cake with chocolate filling, chocolate frosting and chocolate curls…sat there all day…knew that it wouldn’t be that good as to me store cakes never are.  Ask the guy I work with if he wanted it, early in the day he said no, he was not having any…I know later he had a piece in the back.  About 3:30, I said, “ok, do you want this…if not it is going to the garbage”.  He said, “I’ll take it.”  He couldn’t believe it sat on my desk all day and I didn’t eat it!  He said he had no will power…actually wasn’t that hard to pass if it was a homemade cake…maybe!  I know it never would have tasted good enough for the calories!



  1. Good thing you weren’t at my son’s birthday last week. I intentionally made a really good cake because I didn’t want a store bought cake on my cheat day.

    I just got my NROLW today and started on the first workout. Were you able to do the jacknife on the ball?? I can hold the position but lose my balance if I try to walk on my hands too far.
    Also, the first set of squats, do you just do squats with dumbells???

  2. Feels good to overcome a cheat! very empowering eh!

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