Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008 – New Level of Motivation

My energy seems to have been zapped this past week or so, work has been incredibly busy! The stock market keeps everyone guessing and some people freaking out which increases my work load and makes me less productive. Feel like I have worked harder in the last month then in the last couple of years and the results are not great! So, think that is part of my energy problems. However, got up this morning and have been sticking with only weighing myself once a week instead of once a day…and lo and behold I had lost one and a half pounds this last week. Boy did I feel good…I couldn’t control my grin, it seems I have worked so hard and the scale would never move. It is finally really moving, since Christmas I have lost 7 pounds and 4 since this challenge started. I have been really good about my eating, but have in the past too and have not gotten these kinds of results. What I think really has contributed to this weight loss is my determination to run every other night and my RT’s on opposite nights. I am just at the end of my 4th week of the NROL4W and really love it. Can’t follow it exactly as I do it all at home and don’t have some of the necessary equipment, but I do some other form of exercise to work the same muscles. I lifted this afternoon, would get on the treadmill but my knee is bothering me, so think it is best to rest since I ran 3 miles last night and will pick it up again tomorrow.

I also believe that entering my food every day on Sparkpeople keeps me on track, really trying to keep my sodium down too as that contributes to water weight gain. Having been tracking my food, now I have a better idea of the calories I take in and if they are worth it! Also find some good recipes there. Really have to look at them and sometimes tweak them as all are not healthy, but gives you a base and there are a lot of good ones!

Seeing the scale where it is now, I definately don’t want to see it move up any, so I will continue to eat clean, track my calories on Sparkpeople, and train hard!

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend!



  1. What a busy time for you! Keep up the good work. It’s amazing you can work out and eat well with all the running around you do.
    We did baseball last year and I could do nothing but homeschool and baseball. Plus all the really good food they have at the field and me with nothing to do but snack (bad combo).

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