Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

Well today was quite a challege at work as I work in the world of investments and retirement planning. Phones begin to ring as the media emphasizes the drop in the market. Oh well, been doing this for 12 years and there are ups and downs.

Feel pretty good about what I ate today, stayed really clean and had no urges for any sweets…yeah! Actual just finishing p making a meatloaf with flaxseed and oatmeal in it along with some sweet potatoes with garlic and of course veggies. I continued on my NROLW today and my shoulder is feeling better…even thought about taking a little run on the treadmill tonight, maybe during the Biggest Loser, I love that show. That is quite an inspiration to watch those people work so hard.

Still feeling a little drained from the weekend, but definately better than the last couple of days! I think part of it may be the doom and gloom of rainy California! I know, quit complaining, could be in the negative instead of 38, but 38 is cold for California!

I just finished watching the Biggest Loser and did 1.7 miles on the treadmill, nothing too wonderful, but feels good I got a workout in which this morning I never would have planned!



  1. Lately, I’ve been waking up to NPR in the mornings and usually they’re talking about market conditions. It wasn’t a good way to start the day worrying about my investment portfolios. But as you say, there are ups and downs; the market giveth and it taketh away.

  2. Hey Exsanguinator…today was a little better with the markets ending up 298, the world we live in….it is hard not to worry, it will take a while but things will turn around. Don’t worry too much, just remember long term!

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