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Time to Kick It Into Gear

Well, the new 52 DC starts tomorrow.  I didn’t finish the last one due to illness…my motivation has been lacking but I am working on finding it!  I am surrounded with many friends and family who are starting the year off right and I have to be part of that.

I just completed 50 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up for tomorrow :)  I am letting my Pintrest addition not only find me new recipes but also some new workouts.  I completed a Jillian Michaels interval workout which was awesome!  I didn’t feel like I had been on the boring treadmill for that long.  I ended up with over 3 miles and had burned over 500 calories!  I will use this for my CT workouts for a little while until I get tired of it!

The starting line awaits and I am ready!!

Time for some fun! 🙂

Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 1, 2014

ABS Workout

I love searching Pintrest…mostly for new recipes…especially treats for my kids, friends and neighbors!  However, I also have been searching workouts.  I have recently come across an amazing AB workout that is only 10 minutes but has you sweating and your muscles worked to the bone!  It is a tone & tighten workout!  It is one of those workouts that I have a love/hate relationship with! 🙂

I just completed my second day of this and know it is working!  After the first day…my stomach muscles were definately sore!

It’s always fun to find new workouts to get you re-motivated!  Hopefully this one will work for me for a little while!

Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 25, 2014

2014 Season Recap

The Cougars Den

Where do we start with summing up the 2014 season of Cougars baseball?

Whether you’re a fan, coach, player or front office staff member, a season such as the one we just witnessed in 2014 doesn’t happen very often. It might not ever happen. That said, this might be the most fun, yet challenging, blog entry to piece together because simply put, there’s no way to put into words what Cougars fans were treated to this season. But we’ll try. And of course, I’ll look for your feedback as well on what parts of this year’s team were most enjoyable for you. We’ll start chronologically when the team arrived from spring training camp in April and take you through September when the Cougars left eastern Ohio with the Midwest League Championship trophy in hand.


I’ll say this: the announcement of the Cougars’ 2014 Opening Day roster just didn’t have the…

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Starting out Sore

Well here we are at the beginning of the Summer 52 DC.  I started a new RT program and am always so surprised at how sore I am after my first workout.  I have been lifting weights and just completed the Bikini Workout which was not an easy workout.  I am now doing the Hard Body Workout….I truly understand why it is important to change your workouts every so often!  The main reason is to be sore…lol!

I like the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises as it gives me workouts…spelled out, I just have to open and follow!  Once I start and hate to get behind so I stick right with it!

Looking for this soreness to easy a little.  I had a hard time sleeping last night as no matter how I seemed to lay it hurt!  Ok enough whining!  I have lot’s of pushups, pullups and burpee’s ahead!

More fun on the horizon!

Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 14, 2014

New Recipes

There is something to be said about finding a plan that works for you…is easy to follow and you don’t feel deprived. I have tried many things over the years but nothing has been easier for me than the Happy Hormones Slim Belly plan by Jorge Cruise. Easy to follow, great recipes and ideas and I have lost weight and inches following this plan.

I have also become motivated to find “treat” recipes that use almond flour or coconut flour to satisfy my sweet tooth! I have found some amazing recipes and have learned to cook and bake with some different ingredients!

Life is good!

Posted by: baseballmom024 | December 22, 2013

52 DC Issues

I am with all my friends from the 52 DC….I am frustrated that those making changes can’t seem to get it right!

For all my friends on the forum Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2014!  Hopefully we can all meet up and continue our wonderful journey together in January!

Enjoy your family times!



Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 11, 2013

Sunday Family Day!

I love to sleep in on the weekends, but also know my workouts await.  Getting up I ask my hubby if he wanted to do my RT workout…he joined in and realized my workout is no easy workout…lol!  Then we took my sister to breakfast as it is her bday.  After breakfast we decided we needed to workoff what we ate before our dinner with our parents.  So, my hubby, 16 year old daughter and I set out to hike in a regional park, it was a little warm to head out at this time of day (88 degrees) so we only did 2.2 miles.  But we had fun and we were together as a family! 

I am so blessed that my 16 year old daughter still wants to hang with her parents more than running around with her friends! 

Resting up before a wonderful dinner and of course ice cream and cake at my parents.

Feeling like a perfect day!

Posted by: baseballmom024 | July 29, 2013

Getting Better!

Well……as much as I hate running…I am sticking with it and getting a little better.  I have to run in intervals…can’t just run….

Tonight I ran with my daughter and her friend…her friend runs track and was so sweet to walk when I needed to.  I have to say, I am getting a little further with the run part each day!

I am looking to work my weight lifting back into my workout…trying to find something new that will keep my attention! 

Yes, it’s time to get back at it…eventhough my weight remains at it’s lowest…I can tell that some of my muscle has turned to jello! 

Definately a work in progress!

Posted by: baseballmom024 | July 25, 2013

Working My Way Back!

Well……I have been, I guess you could call it lazy as far as workouts go for several months!  Just returning from 18 days gone…2400 miles, 2 countries, 5 states and 99 innings (11 games) of baseball…..the scale only moved 2 lbs….I am lucky!

My daughter wants to run every night and guess who she ask to join her??  ME!!!  The one who hates to run…lol! 

How could i say no……so last night was the first night….it was a family run…my hubby decided to join us…..boy am I out of shape and old…lol!  Definately a work in progress but i did it and will be out there again tonight!

Let the fun begin! 



Posted by: baseballmom024 | June 29, 2013

Another Awesome Article!

I can’t help but post another link to an incredible article on my son!  It is so surreal to read these articles and think he is my son!

I am such a lucky mom!


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